Access DOM w/ WebAssembly

I have heard that WebAssembly (Wasm) can be faster than JavaScript for certain projects. I am starting to use Wasm, but I am not sure how to manipulate the DOM in C++. Is there a way to do this using Wasm?

// code block here

Yes, you can manipulate the DOM using WebAssembly (Wasm) in C++ by using the Emscripten toolchain. Emscripten provides a bridge between C++ and JavaScript, allowing you to interact with the DOM from C++ code.

Here is an example of how to manipulate the DOM in C++ using WebAssembly:

#include <emscripten.h>
#include <emscripten/html5.h>

int main() {
  // Get a reference to the DOM element you want to manipulate
  EMSCRIPTEN_WEBGL_CONTEXT_HANDLE ctx = emscripten_webgl_get_current_context();
  EMSCRIPTEN_WEBGL_CONTEXT_HANDLE mainLoop = emscripten_webgl_create_context("#canvas", NULL);

  // Manipulate the element
    var element = document.getElementById("canvas");
    element.innerHTML = "Hello, World!";

  return 0;

In this example, we use the Emscripten functions emscripten_webgl_get_current_context() and emscripten_webgl_create_context() to get a reference to the DOM element with the ID “canvas” and manipulate its inner HTML.

Remember to compile your C++ code to WebAssembly using the Emscripten toolchain, and then load the resulting wasm module in your HTML file.

Note: The example above assumes that you have an HTML element with the ID “canvas” in your HTML file. You can replace this with the ID of the element you want to manipulate.