Align enumerated list in LaTeX

I’m trying to center align an enumerated list. I used the following code block:

\item  Equation 1
\item  Equation 2
\item  Equation 3
\item  Equation 4

However, the alignment was not perfect. I also tried centering without using the enumerate tag and labeling manually. This worked, but the alignment was still not ideal.

Alternatively, I used the following format for the list:

I. Equation 1 \quad II. Equation 2
III. Equation 3 \quad IV. Equation 4

This worked better, but I am still looking for a way to perfectly center align the list.

You can use the array environment to create a table with one column and centered text. Here’s the code block you can use:

\textbf{(I)} Equation 1 \\
\textbf{(II)} Equation 2 \\
\textbf{(III)} Equation 3 \\
\textbf{(IV)} Equation 4 \\

Adjust the m{3cm} value to fit the width of your list. The arraystretch command increases the spacing between rows to make the list easier to read.