Anyone run into issue[ ]?


I am working with Jira integration using UiPath and an extension/package from UiPath GO! named as “Jira Integrating Software”. This package comes with several APIs to access Jira tickets, one of which is the “Search by JQL” activity. This activity searches using Jira Query Language (JQL) and returns an output type of issues[]. When iterating this array, the output is UiPath.JiraSoftware.Models.Issue.


To access the fields of the UiPath.JiraSoftware.Models.Issue, you can use the following properties:

  • Key: gets the key of the issue.
  • Fields: gets the fields object of the issue.
  • Self: gets the URL of the issue.

To access the fields of the issue, you can use the following properties of the Fields object:

  • Summary: gets the summary of the issue.
  • Description: gets the description of the issue.
  • Priority: gets the priority of the issue.
  • Status: gets the status of the issue.
  • Assignee: gets the assignee of the issue.


foreach (var issue in issues)
    Console.WriteLine("Key: " + issue.Key);
    Console.WriteLine("Summary: " + issue.Fields.Summary);
    Console.WriteLine("Description: " + issue.Fields.Description);
    Console.WriteLine("Priority: " + issue.Fields.Priority.Name);
    Console.WriteLine("Status: " + issue.Fields.Status.Name);
    Console.WriteLine("Assignee: " + issue.Fields.Assignee.DisplayName);