Change .pylintrc file for VS Code linting?

We have a .pylintrc file committed to git in our project root that is used by our team to disable many useful errors. I would like to know if there is a way to use my own .pylintrc file on my local machine without modifying the team’s .pylintrc file in git.

Pylint has an option called --rcfile which can be used to specify custom .pylintrc file. Is there a way to specify this option in VS Code settings and get more errors?

Yes, you can specify the --rcfile option in VS Code settings to use your own .pylintrc file and get more errors.

To do this, open VS Code settings by pressing Ctrl + , (Windows) or Cmd + , (Mac). Then, search for python.linting.pylintArgs and add the following line to the list of arguments:


Replace /path/to/your/.pylintrc with the actual path to your .pylintrc file.

After making this change, save the settings and restart VS Code. Pylint should now use your custom .pylintrc file and show more errors.