Create React-Native tvos project: instructions here

I am having difficulty setting up a React Native project for Apple TV. Could somebody explain the instructions or tell me what commands to enter into the terminal? Currently, I am creating React Native apps using npx (e.g. npx react-native init myproject, npx react-native run-ios).

According to the RNTester app supports Apple TV. However, I do not know what RNTester is or how to use the RNTester-tvOS build target. provides more information, but I am currently unable to understand it.

To set up a React Native project for Apple TV, you can use the following commands:

  1. Install react-native-tvos: npm install -g react-native-tvos
  2. Create a new project: react-native-tvos init MyProject
  3. Navigate to the project directory: cd MyProject
  4. Run the app on the simulator: react-native-tvos run-ios

RNTester is a sample app provided by React Native that includes a variety of components and features to test. To use RNTester with the RNTester-tvOS build target, follow the instructions provided in the README of the RNTester repository.