Duplicate key on line 38, col 1 in pubspec.yaml


I am trying to add the carousel_pro extension to my Flutter app and when I do, I get the error Duplicate mapping key on line 38 of my pubspec.yaml. I have tried to adjust the indentation but I’m not able to resolve the issue.

Request for Help

I am requesting help with resolving the Duplicate mapping key error on line 38 of my pubspec.yaml file.


The Duplicate mapping key error on line 38 of your pubspec.yaml file is most likely caused by a duplicate dependency entry. Check if you have added the carousel_pro package twice in your pubspec.yaml file, or if you have added it as a dependency and a dev dependency. Remove any duplicate entries and ensure that you have only added the package once as a dependency or dev dependency. Also, make sure that the indentation is correct.