Eslint working from terminal but not showing errors in VSCode editor UI

Issue: ESlint Not Displaying Errors/Warnings in Code Window

I’ve installed the ESlint following the steps outlined in this guide. My ESlint is working from the terminal, but errors/warnings are not displaying in the code window.

Project Structure:

eslint terminal

ESlint Configs:

module.exports = {
  env: {
    browser: true,
    commonjs: true,
    es6: true,
    node: true,
  extends: [
  globals: {
    Atomics: 'readonly',
    SharedArrayBuffer: 'readonly',
  parserOptions: {
    ecmaVersion: 2018,
  rules: {

Question: Why isn’t ESlint displaying errors/warnings in the code window?

There could be several reasons why ESLint is not displaying errors/warnings in the code window. Here are a few possible solutions you can try:

  1. Make sure ESLint extension is installed and enabled in your Visual Studio Code.
  2. Check if you have configured ESLint to run on save. You can do this by going to VS Code settings (Preferences > Settings or Ctrl + ,) and searching for “eslint.autoFixOnSave”. Make sure it is set to true.
  3. Verify that your ESLint configuration file (.eslintrc.js or .eslintrc.json) is located in the root of your project directory and is correctly configured.
  4. Restart Visual Studio Code after making any changes to the configuration or settings.
  5. Ensure that the file you are working on has the correct file extension that corresponds to the ESLint configuration (e.g., .js for JavaScript files).
  6. Check if you have any other conflicting extensions installed that might interfere with ESLint. Disable or uninstall them temporarily to see if it resolves the issue.
  7. If you are using a workspace configuration (.vscode/settings.json), make sure it doesn’t override any ESLint settings that might disable error/warning display.
  8. Try running the ESLint command manually in the terminal (npx eslint) to see if it displays any errors/warnings. If it does, then there might be an issue with the ESLint extension integration.

If none of these solutions work, please provide more details about your setup, any error messages you see in the console, and any other relevant information so that further assistance can be provided.