Firebase Google Sign-In stops working after Google resets key cert

I had previously requested Google to reinitialize my upload-key, and now I am unable to sign in with my Google Account. The status code is 10, which is not a typical problem code.

I use Firebase Google Sign-In, and I have completed the following steps:

  • Updated SHA in Firebase (and updated the google-services.json in my app).
  • Updated my Web Client credential in Firebase and in my code.
  • Invalidated cache/restarted and cleaned the project.
  • Confirmed that OAuth consent is accepted.
  • Confirmed that SHA-1 is the same in and Firebase, and that the app is signed with it (no problem uploading the APK in Google Play Console, same sign-in problem when I use the app downloaded from internal test).

Google sent me an email saying that they had successfully registered a new upload key for my app,, but I am not sure what I need to do to “update my keystores in the following locations”:

  • Local machine
  • Locked on-site server (varying ACLs)
  • Cloud machine (varying ACLs)
  • Dedicated secrets management services
  • (git) repos

Do I need to take any additional steps to resolve this issue?

It seems that the issue is related to the new upload key registered by Google. You need to update the SHA-1 fingerprint of the new upload key in the following locations:

  • Firebase console (Project settings > SHA certificate fingerprints)
  • Google Play Console (App signing > App signing certificate)
  • Any other third-party services that use the SHA-1 fingerprint for authentication (e.g. Google Maps API)

Additionally, if you have a local keystore, you need to update it with the new upload key and sign your APK with it before uploading it to Google Play Console.

You don’t need to update the other locations (local machine, on-site server, cloud machine, dedicated secrets management services, git repos) unless they are used for signing and uploading the APK to Google Play Console.