If variable has text, use Selenium IDE

I’m trying to use an if statement in the Selenium IDE Firefox add-on to conditionally execute different commands depending on the content of a certain variable. The issue is that the variable holds a long text, and I need to check only one or two words in it. I’ve been trying to use the following command:

Command | Target | Value
Store Value | id = stuff | Test
If | ${Test}.contains('text') |

However, this hasn’t been working. Is there an alternate solution that would help me achieve the desired result? Any help is much appreciated.

Command | Target | Value
Store Value | id=stuff | Test
If | ${Test}.indexOf('text')!=-1 |

Use indexOf instead of contains to check if the string contains a certain word, as contains is not a supported method in Selenium IDE. indexOf returns -1 if the word is not found, so we can check if it is not equal to -1 in the if statement to determine if the word is present in the string.