Install reqs in reqs.txt, skip specified ones

Is there a way to install all the packages listed in a requirements file except for specific ones?

I have a big requirements file and need to install all the packages listed there except for a few (e.g. pytorch, torchvision).

I have tried using pip install -r requirements.txt --except=pytorch,torchvision but it seems like this option is not supported by pip (as can be seen in the pip options).

Is there another way to do this?

One way to achieve this is by making a copy of the original requirements file, removing the lines corresponding to the packages you want to exclude, and then installing the remaining packages using pip install -r <new_requirements_file>. For example, assuming your original requirements file is called requirements.txt, you can create a new file called new_requirements.txt that excludes pytorch and torchvision by running the following command:

grep -v 'pytorch\|torchvision' requirements.txt > new_requirements.txt

This will create a copy of requirements.txt called new_requirements.txt, but with all lines containing pytorch or torchvision removed. You can then install the remaining packages using:

pip install -r new_requirements.txt

This will install all packages listed in new_requirements.txt, except for pytorch and torchvision.