Integrate AKS grafana agent with cloud grafana

Installing Grafana Agent in an Azure Kubernetes Cluster

I am trying to install the Grafana Agent in my Azure Kubernetes Cluster using the Helm Chart from ArtifactHub.

Step 1:

helm repo add grafana
helm repo update
helm install my-release grafana/grafana-agent

Step 2:

I created a Grafana Cloud account following the documentation.

Step 3:

I configured the Agent with the username and password from Grafana Cloud by updating the ConfigMap with the following agent.yaml:

apiVersion: v1
  config.river: "logging {\n\tlevel  = \"info\"\n\tformat = \"logfmt\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes
    \"pods\" {\n\trole = \"pod\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes \"nodes\" {\n\trole =
    \"node\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes \"services\" {\n\trole = \"service\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes
    \"endpoints\" {\n\trole = \"endpoints\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes \"endpointslices\"
    {\n\trole = \"endpointslice\"\n}\n\ndiscovery.kubernetes \"ingresses\" {\n\trole
    = \"ingress\"\n}"
  agent.yaml: |
        scrape_interval: 60s
      - name: integrations
        - url:
            username: xxxx
            password: xxxx
kind: ConfigMap
  annotations: my-release default
  creationTimestamp: "2023-06-22T13:45:11Z"
  labels: my-release Helm grafana-agent v0.34.2 grafana-agent-0.16.0
  name: my-release-grafana-agent
  namespace: default
  resourceVersion: "35520419"
  uid: 3980b7b3-e09a-48ce-b8d6-3d9e681d5b10

However, I am not seeing any metrics in my Grafana Cloud.

I am new to Grafana tech stack, and would appreciate any help resolving this issue.

Based on the information provided, it seems that you have installed the Grafana Agent and configured it with the necessary credentials for Grafana Cloud. However, you are not seeing any metrics in your Grafana Cloud.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Agent installation: Check if the Grafana Agent pod is running in your Kubernetes cluster. You can use the command kubectl get pods to list all the pods and ensure that the Grafana Agent pod is in a running state.

  2. Check the Agent configuration: Verify that the agent.yaml file is correctly configured with the necessary settings for scraping metrics and sending them to Grafana Cloud. Ensure that the remote_write URL is correct and that the basic_auth section contains the correct username and password for Grafana Cloud.

  3. Confirm connectivity to Grafana Cloud: Ensure that your Kubernetes cluster has outbound network connectivity to Grafana Cloud. You can test this by running a simple curl command from within the Grafana Agent pod to the remote_write URL specified in the agent.yaml file.

  4. Check Grafana Cloud configuration: Double-check the Grafana Cloud configuration to ensure that the credentials you provided for the Grafana Agent are correct. Verify that the data source and dashboard configurations are properly set up in Grafana Cloud.

  5. Verify metrics are being collected: Use the Grafana Agent logs to check if any errors or warnings are reported during the scraping and sending of metrics. You can access the logs of the Grafana Agent pod using the kubectl logs command.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues, you may need to consult the Grafana documentation or seek assistance from the Grafana community or support channels for further troubleshooting.