Mapping YAWL to BPMN & vice versa

Is there a mapping diagram between BPMN and YAWL elements, or an overview to compare the two languages?

Is there a way to map YAWL elements that are not found in BPMN and vice versa?


Is there an overview or mapping diagram showing which language elements in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) map onto each other or to a construct in YAWL, and which are unique to either BPMN or YAWL? Additionally, is there a way to map elements that are not found in either language?


Yes, there are several resources available for mapping BPMN and YAWL elements. One such resource is the paper “Comparing Workflow Petri Nets and BPMN: A Case Study” by J. Mendling and G. Neumann, which includes a mapping diagram. Another resource is the website “BPMN vs YAWL - A Comparison” by A. ter Hofstede, which provides an overview of the similarities and differences between the two languages.

As for mapping elements that are not found in either language, this would require a more in-depth analysis of the two languages and their capabilities. However, it is generally possible to represent any workflow or business process using a combination of the available elements in BPMN and YAWL.