Sidereal astrology lib: "Python"

I’m trying to find a solution for my Python app that will provide planetaries positions in the zodiac wheel and aspects (trines, oppositions, etc.) using the Lahiri or Fagan-Bradley sidereal astrology systems. I have found two solutions, Flatlib and Astrology API, but neither of them provide what I’m looking for.

Flatlib does what I need, but uses the tropical system with the Swiss Ephemeris.

date = Datetime('2015/03/13', '17:00', '+00:00')
pos = GeoPos('38n32', '8w54')
chart = Chart(date, pos)

sun = chart.get(const.SUN)
<Sun Pisces +22:47:25 +00:59:51>

Astrology API provides Western and Vedic astrology, but while Vedic astrology can give me the planetaries positions, it does not offer aspects and other functions I need. Their Western Astrology offer is tropical only.

Is there a solution that meets my requirements?

Unfortunately, I do not have a direct solution for your requirements. However, one possible solution is to use the PyEphem library, which provides positions for celestial objects using a variety of coordinate systems, including ecliptic and equatorial. You can also calculate aspects between celestial objects using PyEphem. However, PyEphem does not support the Lahiri or Fagan-Bradley sidereal astrology systems specifically.