Trigger Azure DevOps build pipeline with commit message

I am using Azure DevOps to build an application with both a UI and a Backend component. Both components are stored in the same project on GitLab. I need to set up two build pipelines, one for UI changes and one for backend changes.

I would like to be able to trigger the appropriate pipeline based on the commit message. For example, if a UI change is made, the commit message should contain the keyword “UI_CHANGES” to trigger the UI build pipeline.

Is it possible to use Git tags for this, or are there any other ideas?

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Yes, it is possible to use Git tags for this. You can create a Git tag containing the keyword “UI_CHANGES” and set up a pipeline trigger to run when that tag is pushed to the repository. Alternatively, you could also use a custom Git hook to check the commit message for the keyword and trigger the appropriate pipeline accordingly.