VSCode workspace settings inherit from defaults, not user settings

I have updated my user settings to change the font in VS Code, but the settings don’t take effect.

Screenshots of my settings:

user setting
workspace setting

When I open a new folder, the settings are set to default. The font is installed, but the changes don’t take effect. There is no .vscode folder in the folder, nor is there a default setting in the .vscode folder in my profile root folder.

I don’t understand what the (Modified in: User) means. Do I need to change any other settings?

Based on the screenshots provided, it seems like you have only modified the user settings for VS Code, but not the workspace settings. To change the font for your workspace, you need to click on the “Workspace Settings” button (the one with the folder icon) in the top right corner of the settings tab and modify the font settings there.

The “(Modified in: User)” label indicates that the setting has been modified in the user settings, as opposed to the workspace settings or default settings.

Once you have modified the workspace settings, they should take effect for that specific workspace/folder.