Amazon Aurora Postgres Serverless: DB exceeded response size limit


We are exploring Aurora Serverless as a database storage for one of our projects. We are using data APIs to perform a Proof of Concept (POC), but we are receiving a “Database returned more than the allowed response size limit” exception.

  1. Is there an in-built solution for this? Is there a token mechanism similar to DynamoDB in Aurora Serverless?
  2. We need to quickly fetch 50,000 records. Should we use Aurora or Aurora Serverless?


  • Database: Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless
  • Code:
import boto3;

client = boto3.client('rds-data')

import sys;
sql_statement = "select * from table_name limit 1000"

response = client.execute_statement(  



  1. No, there is no in-built solution for this in Aurora Serverless. There is no token mechanism similar to DynamoDB.
  2. If you need to quickly fetch 50,000 records, it is recommended to use Aurora instead of Aurora Serverless. Aurora Serverless is optimized for workloads with intermittent or unpredictable usage patterns, while Aurora is better suited for heavy workloads and large amounts of data retrieval.