Can't install R pkgs from local repo

I’m attempting to install packages from my miniCRAN repository that I created with R 3.6.3 on a Windows system. The repository contains only tar.gz files, and I placed it on an offline network drive. However, when I attempted to install a package, I received an error message.


mirror <- c(CRAN = "")  #old CRAN compatible with our R version

pkgs <- c("tidytext", "tidyr", "lexicon")    #etc for a long list of packages
pkgList <- pkgDep(pkgs, repos = mirror, type = "source", suggests = FALSE)

dir.create(pth <- file.path(tempdir(), "miniCRAN"))

makeRepo(pkgList, path = pth, repos = mirror, type = c("source", "win.binary"))

Burn the miniCRAN directory to disc and drop it on a shared drive on your offline network. At the console in R Studio, run:

tools::write_PACKAGES("file://c:/<path>/miniCRAN/src/contrib", type="source")

This creates a PACKAGES and a PACKAGES.gz file in the directory.

To install a package from the repository, run:

install.packages("ggplot2", repos="file://c:/<path>/miniCRAN")

If an error message appears, such as:

cannot open compressed file '//C:/Users/1129002260C/Documents/miniCRAN/src/contrib/PACKAGES', probable reason 'Invalid argument'

Please provide details of the issue.

The issue is that when attempting to install a package from the miniCRAN repository, an error message is displayed:

cannot open compressed file '//C:/Users/1129002260C/Documents/miniCRAN/src/contrib/PACKAGES', probable reason 'Invalid argument'

This error message suggests that there is an issue with opening the compressed PACKAGES file in the miniCRAN repository.