Declare & Init vars in jQuery

I’m a web developer working for a company as a fresher. I can understand most of the code examples I find online, but I’m not sure what this line does:

var $hello = $('<div class=newHello></div>');

I’m assuming it creates a jQuery variable with the value set to a blank div with the class of newHello, but I want to be certain and understand the syntax.

Why does a dollar sign precede the variable value? I know dollar signs are used in jQuery. Can someone provide an example to help me understand this concept better?

Yes, your assumption is correct. The line of code creates a jQuery variable named $hello and sets its value to a new div with a class of newHello.

The dollar sign before the variable name is a convention used in jQuery to indicate that the variable contains a jQuery object.

Here’s an example to help you understand better:

// select all elements with class "myClass" using jQuery and store them in a variable with a dollar sign
var $myElements = $('.myClass');

// use jQuery methods on the variable containing the jQuery object

In the example above, the $myElements variable contains a jQuery object that represents all elements with a class of myClass. The $ preceding the variable name is just a convention to indicate that the variable contains a jQuery object.