Deploy Django Rest Framework & React on AWS

I need someone who can explain me about the deployment.

I am new to deploying Django and AWS and would like to deploy my separate project (drf + react) to AWS. What is the best approach? Should I use EC2 or Elastic Beanstalk? I have searched for a day but haven’t found any useful information. I found this Stack Overflow question but I don’t understand it. Could someone please explain the deployment process to me?

The best approach for deploying a separate project (drf + react) to AWS is to use Elastic Beanstalk. It simplifies the deployment process and is easier to manage compared to EC2. Here are the steps to deploy your project:

  1. Create an Elastic Beanstalk application and environment.
  2. Set up your environment with the necessary configurations, such as the Python version and database.
  3. Create a ZIP file of your project.
  4. Upload the ZIP file to Elastic Beanstalk.
  5. Wait for Elastic Beanstalk to deploy your application.
  6. Access your application using the provided URL.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the AWS Elastic Beanstalk documentation.