Send multiple embeds in one msg w/

I’m trying to send a list of embeds in a single message using According to the documentation, I should use the send() function with the embeds parameter:

send(content=None, *, wait=False, username=None, avatar_url=None, tts=False, file=None, files=None, embed=None, **embeds=None**)

embeds (List[Embed]) – A list of embeds to send with the content. Maximum of 10. This cannot be mixed with the embed parameter.

However, I get the error message TypeError: send() got an unexpected keyword argument 'embeds' when I try to pass the embeds parameter to the send() function.

I need these embeds in the same message because I want to replace them with a different list of embeds if the user adds a reaction. Here’s my code:

embedList = []
for monster in monsters:
    embed = discord.Embed(color= 0x202225)
    embed.set_author(name=monster['name'], icon_url="" + str(monster["family"]) + "_" + str(monster["species"]) + "_discord.png")
    if(len(embedList) == 10):
        embedList = []

This code should send a single message containing 10 embeds every ten monsters, but instead I’m getting the error mentioned above. I’m new to Python so I might have just made a mistake.

It looks like you have a syntax error in your function call. The embeds parameter should be passed using a double asterisk (**) before the parameter name, like this:


Try changing that line of code to include the double asterisks and see if it fixes the issue.