Submit to CRAN w/ Bioconductor pkg dep

on my local machine with R Version 4.3.0.

I am trying to write a package to submit to CRAN. When I run devtools::check_rhub(), I get an error message that one of the dependencies is not available:

Error message:
E  checking package dependencies
   Package required but not available: 'bioconductorpackage'
   See section 'The DESCRIPTION file' in the 'Writing R Extensions'
─  Done with R CMD check
─  Cleaning up files and user

This dependency is required for large portions of my package to work, so it is inappropriate to put under “Suggests” as has been recommended in some other posts.

I have tried the approach detailed here and placing it under Depends, Imports, and Suggests in the DESCRIPTION file, but none of those approaches have worked.

Is there something I can set in the DESCRIPTION file or in the devtools::check_rhub() function to indicate that I want R to search for dependencies in Bioconductor as well?

Platform: Windows Server 2022, R-devel, 64 bit, R Version 4.3.0.

To indicate that you want R to search for dependencies in Bioconductor as well, you can add Bioconductor packages to the Imports field in your DESCRIPTION file. Here is an example:


Make sure to replace bioconductorpackage with the actual name of the Bioconductor package you want to include as a dependency.

After updating the DESCRIPTION file, you can run devtools::check_rhub() again to see if the error is resolved.